Castle TSM-30 Pocket Cutter

Castle TSM-30 Pocket Cutter

$8,499 (USD)

Tracy, CA

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TSM-30 series features heavy duty construction throughout, with easy, top-down access for quick tooling changes. Designed for continuous or multi-shift production in a broad variety of woodworking manufacturing environments:

  • Cuts the 6 degree low-angle Castle pocket, for strong, stable, tight, and superior joints – even in ½” material!
  • Designed for high-capacity, continuous production joinery for maximum throughput of parts and components
  • Low-angle 6 degree pockets minimize the need for clamping during assembly
  • Cuts pocket and pilot hole in a single cycle, increasing throughput and decreasing material damage and waste
  • Standard machine height with a small footprint - easy to fit into any production line
  • Easy maintenance and bit changing
  • Minimal shop air required: 85 psi
  • Footswitch with automated operation that’s simple and easy to use
  • TSM-30 series machines quickly integrate into any existing manufacturing process or workflow


ModelTSM-30 Pocket Cutter
Stock NumberTSM-30