SCM Group SCM M3 Gang Rip Saw Machine

SCM Group SCM M3 Gang Rip Saw Machine

$59,995 (USD)

Tracy, CA

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Monoblock Base

Monoblock technology is used in this base which means it is made of a solid welded

base that is t hen normalized to ensure permanent tolerances. By using monoblock

technology, consistency in machine quality is further insured. All machine mechanisms

are mounted, aligned, and referenced to the base. With bolted frames, the opportunities

for components to loosen and misalign are greatly increased.

Solid Piece Cast Iron Table

For maximum tolerance, and reliability, a single piece cast feed table is used. This when

mounted into the monoblock base creates a permanent reference point for the alignment

of the saw. Also this massive table ensures that any vibrations in the machining process

are absorbed away from the workpiece.

Cast Spindle Housing

Simple but effective, the M3 spindle is mounted in a massive cast housing with four

bearings to ensure maximum rigidity. The spindle housing is an eccentric as well, making

it a simple machine. This allows for worry free blade diameter positioning for easy,

accurate setup every time.

Cast Linked Feed Track

The M3 uses a substantial cast feed track with individual links. These links are precision

milled to ensure maximum operational tolerances, and can also be replaced individually.

This sometimes eliminates the need for replacing an entire track.

Self-Centering Saw Blade Sleeve

Advanced Machining is used in the M3 saw blade sleeve to ensure proper saw blade

group positioning. This sleeve has been machined with a conical taper that properly

centers the unit each time it is fitted into place. This helps make for easier changeover of

the blades during setup.

Easy Blade Change

All M3 gang rip saws now include an additional saw sleeve further simplifying setup

between runs. An easy set up stand mounted on the machine is also standard

Automatic Feed Track Lubrication

Automatic lubrication ensures operation under severe working conditions. This track

lube system operates consistently once with every cycle of the feed chain, minimizing

guide way ware. Additionally a rear feed track dust hood is included to remove dust

which can ware guides and clog the oiler.

Anti-Kick Back Protection

Due to the natural mechanics of a rip saw, safety must be a major concern. This is probably the number one reason for

considering the M3 gang rip. Over its years in service, SCM Group has continually worked to make this machine one of the

safest saws on the market. We have put an impressive group of 4 sets of anti-kick back fingers in order to accomplish that


Short Stock Shoes

The short stock shoes which come standard allow the machine to work with parts as low

as 390mm (15.5”) long.

Extended Infeed Fence

A long fence at the infeed of the saw enables easier handling of long workpieces for straighter cuts

Safety Lockout On Access Door

A safety switch is mounted in the locking handle to ensure the machine will not run with the door open. This unit is threaded

allowing enough time for cutting blades to stop after operation before access door opens.

Variable Feed System

The feed chain is powered by a 2 Hp variable belt drive unit with serviceable gear box as opposed to a sealed variator

carried by competitive mode


  • Four rows of anti-kickback fingers
  • Lockout safety switch on hood
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Variable speed feed unit with gearbox
  • Amp meter
  • Two (2) saw cartridge sleeves with spacers
  • Blades not included due to varying machine applications
  • Long infeed fence
  • Shaving hood
  • Monoblock base
  • Cast feed table and feed chain
  • “CSA” rated electrical components including cables


  • Maximum depth of cut 4 3/4”
  • Maximum working width 11 7/8”
  • Main motor 60 HP
  • Feed motor 2 HP
  • Feed track width 11 7/8”
  • Feed speeds 30 – 150 FPM
  • Throat depth 8 3/4” (220mm)
  • Minimum board length 15.5” (390mm)
  • Saw blade diameter 200 – 350mm
  • Saw cartridge w/two keys 20 x 5mm, 70mm keys
  • Arbor 50mm
  • Dust outlet 200mm
  • Dust outlet on chain 120mm
  • Crated dimensions 71” x 65” x 58”
  • Net weight 3,787 lbs
  • Power requirements 230V or 460V, 3-Phase
  • Dust extraction requirements 1336 CFM


ManufacturerSCM Group
ModelM3 Gang Rip Saw