TigerStop TF Tiger Rip Fence System

TigerStop TF Tiger Rip Fence System

$4,399 (USD)

Tracy, CA

orCall 209 832-0100


TigerFence, working length 51", overall length 62". The Tigerstop Tigerfence allows you to save time by not having to walk around the sliding table saws and re-setting the fence. Most users see up to 30% increase in production. 

TigerFence is accurate with in +/- .003 inches every time which also eliminates time having to produce a test cut or having to readjust the fence. With the fence being automatic saves time by not having to be set after each cut. 

TigerFence also fits most saws and is easy and quick to install. 


Jog Mode

Safe Zone alert when fence is close to the blade

Calculator Mode

Preset Function

Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches

Part list Interface (holds up to 2000 cuts/part list)


ModelTF Automated Rip Fence System