SCM Group Stefani KD-FRT/HP Single Sided Edgebander, Currently in Stock

SCM Group Stefani KD-FRT/HP Single Sided Edgebander, Currently in Stock

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Stefani KD/FRT – Single Sided Automatic Edgebander

Automatic single sided edgebander designed to be used for edgebanding straight vertical profiles with coiled material (veneer and PVC) and with strips (high-pressure laminate and solid wood) with a maximum thickness of 12mm.

Machine Base

The machine base is a rigid, ribbed steel structure and is designed to provide maximum support for the working units.  The ribs provide stability and, at the same time, provide openings in the base to facilitate removal of the chips/dust.

Capacities And Speed

  • Edgebanding thickness: .4mm - 12mm (.016-1/2”)
  • Guillotine capacity: 3mm
  • Feed speed: 33-66 ft/min.
  • Panel height: 3/8” min – 2 3/8” max
  • Minimum panel length: 5 1/2”
  • Minimum panel width: 2”
  • Minimum distance between panels: 24” 

PC 21” Controller

The Stefani KDR comes equipped with the Maestro Pro Edge controller, a 21” industrial multi touch screen. Comes standard with a Windows operating system. Capable of storing an unlimited number of programs. Monitors statistical data, as well perform diagnostic functions and program functions. 1920 x1080 resolution, intuitive interface. Monitors the number of panels processed, the amount of material applied, the number of hours run, the distance the feed track has turned, etc. Maintenance schedules are monitored for various stations throughout the machine. Swivels 270 degrees for easy access. Teamviewer for remote diagnostics is standard

Lighted Sound Enclosure With Acoustical Hoods

Machine comes standard with a lighted sound enclosure making it easier for the operator to perform his daily functions. It is also equipped with an acoustical sound enclosure that covers the entire machine and reduces the noise level. 

Electronic Positioning Of The Top Pressure Beam

All operating units raise and lower simultaneously when the pressure beam is adjusted. No adjustment is required for the glue roller when changing panel thickness. The pressure beam has two rows of staggered pressure rollers with steel bearings. The height of the pressure beam is electronically programmable through the controller.


The machine comes equipped with an anti-adhesive unit positioned prior to the pre milling unit. It prevents the buildup of glue on the top and bottom of the panel. The unit comes with two independent nozzles and a tank of anti-adhesive liquid

“QMS” Glue Station

Automatically supplies the glue pot with the proper amount of glue on demand. The level of the glue in the glue pot is monitored by a sensor insuring the proper level. The pot is smaller, the glue is turned over faster as a result. The hopper holds in excess of 10 lbs. of glue and has sight glass to see what the level is. Teflon coated glue pot to facilitate glue changeover. Warm up time is approximately eight to ten minutes.   

An additional quick disconnect glue pot is included with the machine.

SGP Glue Pot with CNC Control of the Glue

Quick heat up time due to the small glue pot. Reverse rotation of the glue roller for the application of solid wood. Double Thermo Regulation for easy use of both EVA and PUR glue. Color change and glue pot cleaning are able to be completed in minutes, as opposed to hours. CNC control of the amount of glue being applied, specific to the program, is standard. Through the controller the operator can change the amount of glue being applied depending on the substrate of the panel. The purging process is CNC controlled as well when changing glue colors or going from EVA to PUR glue.

There are a total of four pressure rollers for pressing the banding to the workpiece edge. The first roller is powered and applies pressure pneumatically. It is also Teflon coated to prevent the banding material from slipping. The three idle rollers have opposing one-degree tilt to provide extra pressure along the top and bottom edge. The unit comes standard with a servo driven motor for positioning. This eliminates the need for the operator to manually adjust the unit and helps reduce changeover time. The pressure section is also equipped with pneumatic jumping so the unit activates exactly on the leading/trailing edges. Standard is the edge detecting sensor that will shut down the feedtrack when there is no material present to be applied. Equipped with I-Glue, locks the glue roller in place at the end of the panel eliminating any excess glue.

Infeed Fence

The infeed fence has a mechanical digital indicator to position the fence and determine the stock removal. It is also equipped with a pneumatic panel spacing device to prevent the operator from feeding the panels to close to one another

Air Cushion Table at Machine Entry 

Air cushion table located at machine infeed to help facilitate the loading of panels, especially panels of large dimensions. It includes the extension of the machine entry infeed fence. It is not possible to have the narrow feed option on the machine. Table dimensions are 1,600mm x 600mm.

“RT-E” Pre-Milling Station:

To rectify/clean panels already sized and squared before the edge is applied. The unit is composed of two high frequency motors with jumping action controlled through the PLC.  The cutting heads are adjustable vertically. The unit is equipped with copying devices which guarantee that material removal is consistent on long or slightly out-of-square panels. 64mm tall diamond premill cutters with replaceable inserts come standard.

“K-SEL 2” End Trimming Station

This unit is composed of two independent .50 hp motors mounted on THK guides. End trim utilizes a draw cut system for reduced blade projection on thick panels. The unit comes standard with automatic tilting of the unit from the control panel with two preset positions. When operating in conjunction with the corner rounding station the unit is equipped with two position pneumatics to leave the material long, thus allowing the corner rounding unit to have a seamless finish.

Flush Trimming Station:

Two independent 1.0 hp motors operating at 12,000 rpm. The unit comes standard with two position pneumatics and is capable of cutting flush or leaving an overhang. Equipped with vertical copy shoes with digital indicators. Motors have quick release plugs to facilitate tooling changes. Pneumatic in/out positioning is standard.

Edge Trimming Station Servo Driven

The top and bottom trim station has two independent 1.0 hp motors operating at 12,000 rpm. Large diameter vertical and horizontal copying devices with precise digital indicators.  The unit is equipped with a servo driven motor to go from one material thickness to another through the controller. Top trim unit three roller nesting kit comes standard, beneficial when running panels with grooves and/or 35mm hinge holes. 

“ROUND-K” Corner Rounding Unit: 

Two independent .80hp motors that slide on THK guides ensuring the highest quality finish. Unit is designed to work as an additional set of trimmers for rounding the top/bottom as well as the front/rear corners of work piece with 3mm PVC edges. The unit is equipped with front and lateral copying devices and pneumatic blowers to clean the panel. Dust shrouds surround the cutter and travel with the unit as it trims. The unit can go from thin tape to 3mm PVC, through the controller, with no manual adjustments by the operator. 

“RAS/HP” Profile Scraping Station

The profile scraping station is designed to remove knife marks from thick PVC. The unit is equipped with pneumatic in/out positioning through the controller. It is capable of processing two different radii through the controller. It is equipped with a large diameter horizontal copy wheel and side copy wheel device with digital indicators. It features a quick knife replacement system and comes with 1/3mm knives. The unit is also equipped with dust extraction. Top scrape unit three roller nesting kit comes standard, beneficial when running panels with grooves and/or 35mm hinge holes.

“RCA/2C” Glue Scraping Station

The glue scraping unit is for the finishing of thin PVC. It is equipped with two throwaway knives, vertical rotating copiers and blowers for tool cleaning. The unit is equipped with on/off pneumatic exclusion

“SPN” Buffing Unit And Hot Air Blower

The buffing unit has two .25 hp motors. The unit cleans and polishes the panel edge. The unit oscillates to utilize the full width of the wheel and prevent rounding of the panel’s leading edge

The hot air blower is designed to brighten the edges of thick PVC that can sometimes discolor during the machining process. The unit consists of a single hot air blower with adjustable heat range and a directional heat shield for coverage from the top to the bottom edge.

Acoustical Safety Enclosure

All working units are enclosed under an acoustical safety hood that is insulated to help reduce noise and prevent accidents. The hood has a safety microswitch which prevents the machine from operating when the hood is open. The machine has a decibel rating of 86db when operating.

Dust Extraction

Working units are individually ported on the top of the safety enclosure for maximum efficiency, per the drawing.

Technical Specifications

Glue Pot Unit:

  Heating Time

Approx. 8-10 min.

  Glue Capacity

3.3 lbs.

Pre-milling Station:


3.0 HP ea.


12,000 RPM

  Max. Stock Removal




End Cutting Trimming Station:


.50 HP ea.


12,000 RPM


0-15 degrees

  Blade Diameter/Bore


Flush Edge Trimming Unit:


1.0 HP ea.


12,000 RPM

  Cutting Tools


Tiltable Edge Trimming Unit:


1.0 HP ea.


12,000 RPM


0-15 degrees

  Cutting Tools


3mm radius knives

Corner Rounding Unit::


.80 HP ea.


12,000 RPM

  Cutting Tools

1/2/3mm Radius

Scraping Unit:

  Knife Radius

1/2/3mm Inserts

Buffing Unit::


.25 HP


3,000 RPM



Feed Motor Horsepower

2.5 HP

Feed Speed

33-60 FPM

Frequency Converter

200 Hz

Pneumatic Operating Pressure

90 PSI

Machine weight:



89 amps @ 230v three phase


3,500 cfm

Dimensions (LxWxH):

239” x 65” x 62”


ManufacturerSCM Group
ModelStefani KD-FRT