Safety Speed Cut SPM-301HD

Safety Speed Cut SPM-301HD

$7,699 (USD)

Tracy, CA

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Pocket-hole joinery for high production woodworkers made easy with our SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine.

Key enhancements on the SPM301HD from the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine are:

  1. A spindle motor just like the ones in a CNC machine, running continuously with minimal maintenance
  2. An air drill replacing a router motor

A two-in-one motion simultaneously drills a six degree pilot hole and machines a screw pocket in under a second on most wood species.  The SPM301HD features a heavy-duty, direct drive continuous electric spindle motor, allowing for continuous pocketing production. Learn how Moore’s Country Woodcrafting, Inc doubled screw pocketing production and began pocketing one million screw pockets per year with this machine. 


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